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J&D Invitations Etc. offers individual assistance choosing and ordering your invitations from our wide selection of specialized catalogs. One of our experienced staff will walk you through the process and help guide you with a timeline of when to order. 

We also work with a number of vendors to help create custom work upon request.


We require appointments for invitations so we can offer the personal attention needed. Feel free to contact us for further inquiries or to set up your appointment today. 


What to Expect


Browsing - Just starting to look? A staff member show you a variety of invitations and give you a timeline of when you should be ordering.  Bring in any ideas you might have and we will help direct you to what we can offer. We will keep a record of any invitations of interest for the next time you visit. 


Prior to Ordering - You've chosen the invitation! We will direct you to collect the necessary information as well as work on how many invitations you will need to order and a rough quote of cost. At this time you can also choose colors/fonts.


Ordering - Time to order! A staff member will sit down with you to go through the fine details. We will help you with proper wording and design choices. We recommend a minimum of 1 hour to order. At this time we would need a firm count, times, and any directions and/or accommodations if they are being ordered to match. A deposit of half of your total will be required at this time. 


Proof - You will receive a (usually) e-mailed proof to show what the wording will look like before it is printed. At this time any font, design or quantities can still be changed. Please take this time to make sure you have ordered enough invitations! Once they have been approved it is very difficult and can be very expensive to make any changes.


Calligraphy - Depending on the company, your address guest list may need to be submitted directly to the vendor at the time of the proofs. If you are having J&D Invitations address your envelopes, you should be working on your list so that we can begin printing as soon as the invitations arrive. Please refer to the the Calligraphy Page for more details.


Mailing - When your invitations are in, the balance of the payment will be required upon pick up. If you are waiting for calligraphy to be printed you can take one sample to weigh so you can order/purchase stamps or pick up the order and leave the envelopes with us to print if there is any assembly required. We will advise you how to assemble them and instruct you about mailing. We offer assembly/mailing service upon request for an additional fee. 


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