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J&D Invitations Etc. offers digitally printed Calligraphy Addressing to your guests printed on-site as well as through our vendors when you order your invitations with us.

We do our best to coordinate color and font to match your invitations, if there are any concerns please ask when ordering your invitations. 


Due to limited printing process, we can only print on envelopes up to certain thicknesses and cannot currently print on dark envelopes on-site. While we do not print metallic inks, we can color match as closely as possible in a digital color.


Process - In House


When Ordering your Invitations - Make sure you order extra envelopes! We try to make as few mistakes as possible, but printing errors and incorrect addresses do occur and we recommend ordering extra 10-15 envelopes for this reason when ordering your invitations.


Organize Your Addresses in the correct format - Our systems require addresses be sent in a word, txt or excel format. Please inquire if you need a template. 

There will be an additional fee for any handwritten lists submitted. 


Etiquette + Zip Code Check - We will double check your zip codes as well as contact you with any questions regarding your list. If you would like a copy of the list exactly as it will be written before being printed, please ask. 

Please use full titles, first and last names and do not abbreviate if possible.

Proof (Optional) - We till try to match your font and color as closely as possible, you can request a sample before we begin printing.


After Picking Up - We usually will hold your extra blanks if you have any additions or B Lists to print. When you are done sending out invitations, you can as for the remaining blanks back at any time.




Average Cost:


Digital Calligraphy

$10 Set Up (One Time)

$1.50 each envelope

$0.50 each inner envelope

$0.50 each Return Address


We off a discount cost if you have ordered your invitations with us.


Avery Labels - Clear or White

$10 Set Up (One Time)

$10 per Sheet of 30





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